How Do Orthodontists Customize Treatment Plans?

At Rio Grande Orthodontics, we understand the power of a perfect smile and the confidence it can bring. Our orthodontists are dedicated to transforming smiles with precision and care using the latest in dental technology. Let’s explore how we customize treatment plans for each patient, including you, to make your dream smile a reality.

What Does An Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists are your superpowered dental professionals who diagnose, prevent, and treat your smile woes. They complete additional years of education beyond dental school to learn how to guide your teeth and build great new smiles. 

At Rio Grande Orthodontics, our doctors sit down with you and use their expertise to figure out your specific troubles, from improper bites to out-of-line teeth. We’ll look at your dental history, conduct exams, and take X-rays and scans to get to the root of your problem. Let’s take a deeper dive into this initial consultation.

Your First Steps

When you step into one of our offices, you’ll be greeted with warmth and smiles. You’ll get to know our office, our team, and your orthodontist. Once you’ve gotten to know everyone, we’ll begin the consultation. Whether it’s for you or your child, you get the same in-depth, personalized care we pride ourselves on.

We start off by going over your complete dental and medical history, then a thorough dental examination to get to know you and your smile. Don’t worry — this isn’t an interrogation of your teeth. We encourage you to ask questions or express concerns at any time! 

Preparing Your Treatment

After taking X-rays, 3D scans, and photographs of your smile, we’ll have a clear picture of your bone structure and tooth positions. With all of this information, it’s time to start discussing your treatment options

Depending on what we find during your consultation, you’ll have different treatment options like metal braces, clear braces, or clear aligners. We explain your options, the duration of treatment, and what you can expect during it. Once you choose your option, then it’s time to craft your customized treatment plan.


How Do Orthodontists Customize Treatment Plans?

Customized Treatment Planning

After reviewing your information, discussing your options, and choosing the right treatment for you, we then go and make a strategic treatment plan. This involves picking your appropriate orthodontic device and laying out the steps of your treatment stages. 

Your plan is tailored just to you and is based on factors like your age, oral health, cosmetic preferences, and lifestyle needs. Younger patients may benefit from phased interventions, while adults may enjoy a less visible option like clear aligners.

We also use software that can predict your tooth movement so you can get a sneak peek at the potential smile and make adjustments before treatment begins. 

After we’ve gone through all the steps of your treatment, from duration to maintenance, it’s time to finalize the plan. You get a document that includes all visits for adjustments if needed and a timeline. Then, you’ll come back to us to have your appliance put in.

Factors Considered In Your Plan

Customizing your treatment plan involves going through a wide range of factors made to your individual needs and wants, so you’ll have the best result in one satisfying package. Let’s go through some of the factors we consider when creating your treatment plan.

Patient Age: Age greatly influences orthodontic treatment options and plans. For example, a child might have appliances that focus on the growth of the jaw. At the same time, adults might require surgical orthodontics because the jaw is no longer developing.

Dental Anatomy: Everyone’s teeth and jaw are made differently, and so is the appliance that will help them. From the severity of a misalignment or missing teeth to the jawbone’s health, there’s a different option for everyone.

Lifestyle Considerations: Your hobbies, career requirements, and personal comforts can play a big role in which orthodontic appliance you choose. From big presentations to big games, your appliance is made to work for you.

Patient Compliance: The success of some treatments comes down to your commitment to following our instructions. With clear aligners, you need to wear them for 20-22 hours a day and with braces, you need to avoid certain foods that can damage them. 


How Do Orthodontists Customize Treatment Plans?

Crafting Bright Smiles at Rio Grande Orthodontics

Our team at Rio Grande Orthodontics is committed to providing innovative treatment plans to support and guide. Schedule your free consultation today and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident smile. Visit us at our locations in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Santa Fe (Cerrillos), Santa Fe (Harkle), Los Alamos, Edgewood, Espanola, Taos and Socorro.