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Your Expert in Smile Transformation

Meet Dr. Stephen Kellam

Dr. Kellam had a lot more hair when he graduated from Cibola High School in Albuquerque. He then attended UNM, where he studied engineering for enough years to realize that maybe being an engineer wasn’t for him… "That math was really hard," jokes Dr. K, "I had to drop out and go to dental school.”

The American Association of Orthodontists must have been impressed because they awarded him one of the top two awards in the nation for his residency. "Of course, back then, the computers were bigger than my couch!"

Outside of the Office

When Dr. K is not creating beautiful smiles, raising three kids keeps him very busy. He spends his free time wishing he had his kids at a younger age so he can keep up with his teen boys on their skis, bikes, and on the basketball court.

His daughter delights in bouncing Dr. Kellam’s 50-year-old body all over the trampoline.

“I have been blessed with a life of working with kids and raising my own."