Meet Your Taos Orthodontic Experts at Rio Grande Orthodontics

Welcome to Rio Grande Orthodontics in Taos, where our team of skilled orthodontists is committed to providing top-notch orthodontic care. Our Taos professionals combine advanced orthodontic techniques with a warm, community-focused approach, ensuring every patient receives personalized and effective treatment.

We're here to guide you on your journey to a perfect smile.

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Dr. Ryan Gardiner

Dr. Gardiner is an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, and all of their constituent societies. He loves orthodontics and treats every patient the way he would treat a member of his own family.

Meet Dr. Gardiner

Dr. Devan Vest

Dr. Vest always works to stay current with evolving orthodontic methods and technologies. He has a passion for mentoring or coaching individuals, and he approaches the orthodontist-patient relationship with this same passion.

Meet Dr. Vest

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las vegas orthodontist

Dr. Klingler

With his academic background and compassionate demeanor, we assure you that Dr. Klingler will provide you with the outstanding orthodontic care you deserve and help you reach your smile goals.

Meet Dr. Klingler

Dr. Stephen Kellam

Dr. Kellam discovered his passion for dentistry, graduating at the very top of his class at Oregon Health Sciences University. He then went on to his orthodontic residency at Baylor College of Dentistry, where he used his mediocre engineering skills to develop a computer model simulating how braces move teeth.

Meet Dr. Kellam

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Orthodontist vs. Dentist: Specialized Care for Your Smile

Understanding the difference between orthodontists and dentists is key to choosing the right care for your teeth. While both are essential for maintaining oral health, orthodontists undergo additional specialized training in teeth and jaw alignment after completing dental school. This expertise is particularly crucial for effective teeth straightening and bite correction. At Rio Grande Orthodontics in Taos, our orthodontists use their extensive training to provide focused and advanced care. By choosing an orthodontist for these specific needs, you ensure that you are receiving the highest level of specialized attention, leading to better outcomes and a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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Embracing the Full Spectrum of Orthodontic Benefits

Orthodontic treatment offers more than just aesthetic improvements; it's a journey that enhances various aspects of your life.

Physical Benefits: Properly aligned teeth and a corrected bite contribute significantly to overall oral health. They reduce the risk of future dental problems, make cleaning easier, and improve chewing and speaking functions.

Mental and Personal Benefits: Achieving a straight, beautiful smile can dramatically boost self-esteem and confidence, influencing how you view yourself and interact with others.

Social and Professional Benefits: A confident smile can transform your social interactions and open doors in your professional life. It often contributes to making better first impressions and can enhance your career opportunities.

At Rio Grande Orthodontics in Taos, we are committed to not just transforming smiles, but lives. Our comprehensive orthodontic treatments are designed to improve your oral health and, by extension, your overall quality of life.

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