Why See an Orthodontist Near Me

At Rio Grande Orthodontics, we spend most of the day talking about, thinking about, and working on orthodontic treatments for our patients. It is so rewarding and satisfying to work hard for our patients to help them see the beautiful smile results they have been waiting for! We spend time with each of our patients and offer support for any question or challenge along the way. 

That’s just a taste of what it might be like to come to visit Rio Grande Orthodontics! It might seem obvious, but we think that visiting a local orthodontist is one of the best things you can do for your smile and your health! Our team of staff and doctors are eager to get you started on your own journey to a straight smile! We asked Dr. Ryan Gardiner, Dr. Steven Bunker, Dr. Devan Vest, Dr. Jason Klinger, and Dr. Stephan Kellam to discuss the benefits of going local for orthodontic care. 

Let’s spend a few minutes discussing when and why you should choose an orthodontist near you.

When to Choose a Dentist vs. Orthodontist

To get started, we want to go through the differences between when you should call a dentist and when to get in touch with a local orthodontist. Even though both dentists and orthodontists care for people’s teeth, they take care of different but essential things!

Go to a Dentist If…You Have Tooth Pain!

Dentists are the place to go to ensure your teeth are healthy and clean. A dentist can evaluate the health of your teeth to determine the cause of the pain and can likely take care of it, too! They will ensure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned from plaque and tartar buildup, take care of cavities or tooth pain and diagnose if there is some other problem going on that might need more help! 

Go to an Orthodontist If…You Want a Straight Smile!

What orthodontists are most known for is our ability to shift crooked teeth into their most beautiful, aligned smiles. It’s wonderful to feel confident with a beautiful, straight smile, and it benefits your oral health, too. Aligned teeth are easier to clean and trap fewer food particles that might feed plaque and tartar. With less tooth decay, cavities and other problems are less common. 

Orthodontics also aligns your teeth and jaw so that when you bite, you are not wearing on your tooth enamel or harming your jaw. This is important for your teeth to remain healthy as you age!  

Why See an Orthodontist Near MeGo to a Dentist If…You Haven’t Been in Six Months!

A dentist is a place you are meant to go to regularly to maintain healthy teeth. By going to your six-month appointments, you can get your teeth thoroughly cleaned, and your dentist can monitor your progress, keep an eye on possible tooth decay, and stop problems before they even start!

Go to an Orthodontist If…Your Bite Seems Off!

As mentioned before, orthodontics is about making sure your bite and jaw function in a healthy way. People who have misaligned bites, called malocclusions, can end up with big problems later if not taken care of. From overbites, underbites, or crossbites, an orthodontist can create a care plan and give you options on the best way to shift your teeth and jaw alignment.

Ultimately, an orthodontist is more about creating beautiful smiles that will help prevent bigger problems later on. A dentist deals with the consistent care and maintenance of your teeth and helps manage problems as they come up. 

Support a Local Business

Another great reason to visit a local orthodontist rather than choose online options is because of how it will support a local business! Rio Grande Orthodontics is proud to have 9 offices across New Mexico, and in every city, we make ourselves at home. Building relationships with our patients and those in the community is so important to us, and it is because of them that we are able to do this work that we love to do. 

Investing in a local business is a great way to boost the economy and allow us to give back to the community! Through our staff hires, charity events, partnerships, and more, we love seeing our communities thrive thanks to local businesses. 

Focus on Health and Cosmetics

As we discussed above, one of the most valuable things about orthodontic treatment is the many health benefits it offers. Better bite and jaw health; ease of cleaning and preventing tooth decay. These are great reasons to get braces! We love that when you receive local orthodontic treatment, you can enjoy all the cosmetic perks and health perks together. 

Many people who are thinking about braces don’t realize that in order to create beautifully straight smiles, you have to consider the health aspects first! That’s why we don’t recommend ordering orthodontics online, as you won’t be working with a board-certified orthodontist who will examine the teeth, gums, jaw, and bones to make sure that the approach will be the healthiest option for you.

Give Rio Grande Orthodontics a Try!

Your first consultation at Rio Grande Orthodontics is completely free, and is a great way to get to know our team and learn your options and if our office is right for you. Depending on your location, you will have a chance to sit down with one of our orthodontists and you can share your goals, and they can share their vision for your aligned teeth! No need to put this off forever–give orthodontics a try today!